I am a sucker for stats. I suppose it’s because I have so many websites. I won’t tell you how many; it would make both of us blush, and we don’t want that.

For example I find it interesting that people have found NixyValentine.com by searching for the phrases “word meters”, “the artistic temperment”, and “where do ideas come from”.

I find it interesting that the day Rachelle Gardener retweeted one of my Twitter messages (means she copied it, crediting me, as per Twitter conventions for those of you who don’t Twitter), I got double my usual visitors per day. Yes, one message meant HUNDREDS more readers than usual yesterday!

Twitter is by far the biggest source of readers for my blog, outstripping Facebook and Google, which are #2 and #3. I love Twitter, mostly because it’s fun to use, it doesn’t take much time, doesn’t feel like a chore like Facebook can, and I’ve made some genuinely good friends.

So what do I talk about on Twitter?  Well, a lot of my Tweets are responses to others, but I do seem to have a theme. Thanks to Tweetstats.com and Wordle.com for this:


(click image if you can’t read the words.)

Yes, this is an image of the words I most often use on Twitter.  Top 5 are: rt, think, writers, good, writing


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  1. Made me go look. I did my Tweet stats (evidently been there before, but forgot all about it) and my top five words are ~jon, www, good, thanks, query.

    I’m not as egotistic as it appears. If I reply to someone on a personal type of topic I generally sign them ~jon, just like in my comments. I’m not stuck up, really!

    Wordle is cool, too. But it really makes me look egotistic. :o

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