Ring Ring….

These days I do 92% of my internet browsing, Tweeting, and game playing through my iPod Touch, and I’ve noticed that very few blogs, including mine, had mobile support! So today I’ve added the WPTouch plugin to make browsing this blog much easier for those who, like me, have plunged into the mobile world.

If you own a blog, I would ask, even beg, for you to add this or a similar plugin! I’ve found it very difficult to reply on some friends’ posts and I do so want to leave you messages.

If you have a mobile device, and experience any problems with this blog, please let me know!

You won’t be able to see pictures, but it should make reading and replying easier.




  1. Love the blog, India, and I hope you are qute well now – whatever it was that laid you low – and no I don’t have an ITouch phone, those touch screens drive me insane as they are hyper sensitive and if you click .0002mm too far to the right you are surfing porn is Islamabad!!!

  2. ewww, Anita, you’ve just put the iTouch phone on the Christmas List of “the boys in the basement.” Do you own stock?

    I love India’s blog, too. Hello, ND.

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  3. I will give this plugin a sure try once I get my new iPhone this December.

    Thanks for adding me under your Friends an Family list. Really appreciate it. Catch you on Twitter soon. :)

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