Quick Tip #7: Your Grandma Can Find You Online

(I’ve had a really difficult week this week, health-wise, thus the lack of posts. But since I’d rather rant or laugh than share the woes, I’ll share something that is both funny and scary for my Quick Tips category.)

After reading some unfortunate, but inadvertently hilarious, problems people get themselves into because of Facebook (or Twitter, or texting, or IMs, or email). Problems like, oh, losing their jobstheir partner, or causing irreparable rifts on their families, or just making things awkward. Then there’s always the one about the fugitive was was caught because he updated his status.

And if you do find you’ve made an enormous faux pas, at least aquaint yourself with the “delete” button.

If you’re not quite sure what I mean and have never heard of any of these scare-stories, I have two words for you: Tiger Woods. I mean seriously… did he have to say “This is Tiger” at the beginning of his ill-planned sooper-sekrit phone message to mistress #3?

Quick Tip #7

Facebook is public. Don’t write anything on the internet that you don’t want everyone to know about. That means email, facebook, Twitter, IMs, and even phone and text messages. And for fuck’s sake, don’t take pictures of your most idiotic moments or let anyone else take pictures. And while I’m at it, don’t take pictures of your hoohaas either.

I read an article today that freaked me out a little. It was about how to view private profiles on Facebook. It involves being willing to be a bit of a jackass stalker, but I’ve never found any shortage of those on the web.

Sure you can de-friend people and even block them, but when someone is determined to be an asshat, there’s really no stopping them.

Here’s a couple of examples that I found tragically humorous:facebook-fail


If, like me, you’re still not deterred by these stories to dump social networking forever, at least take a look at the 10 Privacy Settings Everyone Should Know About.



  1. There are two vital rules that everybody should know, but that we all convince ourselves aren’t really true:

    #1) Your hard drive WILL fail some day. Back up your work.

    #2) Everything you put on the internet is public, whether you think it is or not.

    I like this post. It made me laugh.

  2. You’re so right, Adam; I have a PC, external HD and a mega-gig flashdrive, all because I work online; if two are better than one, then three … guess what? My external hard drive [copies of everything I've done in past 5 years] failed. A belt and suspenders isn’t enough.

    ND, you have to know how hard I’m laughing about Alex & Kristi being busted by MOM. The Internet is no place to hide. Glad to see you back online. Cheers.

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  3. There was ways to view private messages of Facebook even.

    Lately, I have been seeing some people using nasty application and quizzers on facebook and they have their non-adult son/daughters in the friend list too.

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