Because of the way I announce blog posts on Twitter and Facebook, I often have people comment on my posts there instead of leaving a reply here. The Feedburner email subscription also means I get replies via email.

I don’t really mind that, but I was wondering if people would prefer to be able to log in here using Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment that connects to those accounts? I’ve found one plugin that will also allow logging in here via Blogger, MSN, etc.

Would you use it? Is it worth it? Or would you rather just type in the links to your own websites here, and keep sending me replies wherever the hell you feel like it? (you know who you are! hee)

Let me know! I want the blog to be as easy to read and use as possible, so if a few people would like and use it, I’ll add the Facebook/Twitter/Blogger/ signin plugin.



  1. I don’t use a lot of those social networks, so I prefer to leave comments here. But that’s just me.

    I found that too many social networks infringes on my writing time, so I’ve had to limit it to LJ and Blogger.

  2. Commenting right on people’s blog posts is usually how I do it – but you know your commenters best. If it makes it easier, go for it.

  3. Okay thanks for your feedback! (And to those who emailed me their feedback. hee)

    I am going to leave it as is… I think I’ve just been getting an itch to upgrade something on my blog, but I can’t think of anything that’s both cool and quick!

    [ Follow me on Twitter:

  4. Sorry, India I don’t know anything about HTML or programming. If I can’t write it in plain English, I just won’t comment. I thought I was terribly adventurous just getting onto FB and that still mystifies me. But I’m rather glad I wasn’t the first person to comment on your blogs in the wrong place and that you don’t mind it too much. So please allow people to find where they’re most comfortable to reply to you.

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