WAG: Déjà Vu

This week’s Writing Adventure Group instructions were: “WAG #20: The First Time” Think of an activity (either of your own or something you observe of someone else) and write about the first time of that experience, and perhaps even compare it to subsequent experiences.

If you’d like to write a WAG of your own, there’s still time! All writers and bloggers welcome to join!

Today’s piece is short. No extra charge. :)

The sensation pulls at me like an inside-out foreboding. I’ve been here before; done this before. It started when I stepped on the lawn: the grass bright green and freckled with Dutch clover.

The images come like flashbulbs. Little girls in pinafores ran and played chase. A squeal. A giggle. The snapping of air as a teacher clapped her hands together. Is that me? She doesn’t look like me, with her thin lips and tight bun, but she feels like me.

The wind blows and I’m alone. The moment has passed, but the memory stays. I wish I could say this had never happened before. I wish I could remember who I was; who I am.



  1. Is she remembering her childhood? Beautiful piece of writing.

  2. Lovely. Evocative.

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  3. Made me wonder if she can’t remember her past. And wants to.

    Straight From Hel

  4. First day of school?:) Great post. ‘The First Time’ makes me think of Sex. I can’t be the only one…right?

  5. “The images come like flashbulbs.” Love this line particularly because of my cave photography experience. The photographer asks for “lights out” so you’re sitting in complete and utter darkness. Then the flash units are fired one by one, and your eyes, pupils wide open, are assaulted by the very briefest of light. Your brain records this, then the image floats in your head as if you dreamed them.

    Very apt simile, India. I really like this piece.

  6. Take two – sorry if this is a duplicate.

    I love this, India. Very evocative.


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