Deep Fried Brains

My brain is a bit fried today, so rather than being my normal witty and insightful self, I thought I’d share some links I’d run across in the past week. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen a couple of these before!

How to Write a Book in Three Days – Michael Moorcock. Now, this one threw me. He’s talking about writing a pretty formulaic potboiler, but I found it fascinating just because I didn’t realise it was possible to write a book in three days. Okay, well if I type 70 words a minute, I suppose it’s technically possible to type 4,200 words an hour, but in truth when I’m composing I can do about 1,000 words in 2 hours. So at 500 words an hour, if I did nothing but type for 72 hours straight (no eating and no peeing), I’d still only have 36,000 words at the end of a long weekend. Since I like to sleep and take cupcake breaks, this is looking more and more difficult. But still… a fascinating read!

The Hero’s Arc. This one I found really helpful. A lot of the “writing help” articles on blogs these days seem to be the same thing over and over, but I’d never seen this information presented so clearly! It’s all about the driving force of your story, aka “the hero’s arc”.

I Pity New Writers. I suppose I liked this article because it confirmed what I already thought. :) Author Mark Chadbourn talks about how being a new writer today is so vastly different than when he started in publishing.

Things Your Characters Should Never Say by Victoria Mixon. This one is good for a laugh.

And lastly, the Official 2010 “Write Your Ass Off Day”. This is an online write-a-thon where a buncha lotta folks are going to sit down and write 3000 words in one day. There is an in-person event in NYC, but also and online version. I’m planning to participate… if my characters will let me. (I’ve never had such difficult bastards as the current bunch, so I’m afraid I’m a slave to their whims in a way I never have been with other characters. I just pray this is a good sign.) Do consider joining the event… it should be fun!

Enjoy! Tune in tomorrow for the new WAG topic, and if you haven’t posted your own WAG for this week, it’s not too late! (Unless you’re reading this tomorrow, in which case it kinda is. Oops!)



  1. Thanks India, those are interesting links.
    Hope you get your fully operative brains back. If you do, please let me know the trick.

  2. Talli Roland

    Write a book in three days… not likely!

    The hero’s arc sounds like a good one, though. I’ll have to check it out.

  3. Will check out the links. Don’t think I could do a book in three days, although in my youth I could play D&D three days straight.

  4. I think my brain just sizzled to a crisp reading about these links!

    But will check them out and be even more amazed and shamed at my inadequacies! LOL!

    Take care

  5. If I wrote a book in three days it would be crap!

    Thanks for links, I’ll go check them out!

  6. Oooh, great links, thanks!

    Writing a novel in three days sounds ridiculously implausible. The idea works in theory, but realistically (apart from sleeping, eating and general other breaks) you’re just not going to have the time unless your novel’s, like, 30,000 words. You’d have to know every plot detail and twist and turn perfectly, you’d have to know exactly what’s going to happen when and how, and you can’t account for any writer’s block, mistakes or, well, anything.

    Sounds exhausting to me.

  7. I agree with what you all said about the idea of writing a book in three days. It stunned me as well.

    But just to put it in perspective, the person who came up with this method, Michael Moorcock, (for those who don’t know) is the author of dozens of published books, and he had won many awards for his work, including several lifetime achievement awards.

    [ Follow me on Twitter:

  8. I don’t know that it’s possible to write a book in 3 days. Certainly not if you want it to be good, full length and you expect to eat during that time.

    Thanks for the links.

    Straight From Hel

  9. 3 days? It’s hard enough to get the time to do it for NaNo. 3 days seems kind of nuts!

  10. Love those links, thanks. I’ll read anything about the hero’s arc. I remember reading Campbell in college (Power of Myth) and being enthralled.

    Thanks for some good reads.

  11. Things for things writers shouldn’t say link. So funny! I agree with you about #15, although #7 is pretty funny too.

  12. Three days? Maybe if someone kept me supplied with lattes and single malt, DH was away from home, and I didn’t pick up the phone and I disabled my internet… When is all that ever going to happen at the same time?

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