Writing Adventure Group #28: Little Things

Join the Writing Adventure Group! All writers/bloggers welcome. WAG Guide here. The full list of WAG #27’s participants (at the bottom of the post).

WAG Topic #28: “The Little Things”. Sometimes a small, unexpected thing has the power to affect big changes. This week write about something simple: a little thing that has the power to cause a big change in events, mood, or decisions. It can be an object, a look from a stranger, an unexpected event… no limits! Your piece can be as long or short as you want, using any form you like.  No Rules! Now Write! (You may add links to this list between now and 29 JUNE 2010.)

How to be added to the “results”:

  1. Write whatever you like based on the theme suggested & post on your blog anytime between now and the ending date.
  2. Return here, and at the bottom of the post, click on the link that says CLICK HERE TO ENTER and paste the direct link for your WAG post (not just your main blog link, please). IN THE LINK TITLE FIELD, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME.
  3. To add the “blog hop” listing to your own blog and allow your readers to find other WAG posts on the same topic, return here, go to the LinkyTools section, and click GET THE CODE HERE. Cut and paste the javascript in the box into the HTML section of your blog. (Some blogs do not allow javascript. If this is the case, you will have to simply link to the Instruction post.) In hosted wordpress blogs, you MUST paste in HTML mode for the code to work. If you have any questions or problems, please write to me!
  4. Use Twitter, FB status, myspace, your blog, etc to announce your own writing adventure! On Twitter, use the hashtag #WAG to designate Writing Adventure Group posts.
  5. Invite your writing friends to join! All writers/bloggers are welcome.

Note: If you have ideas for topics, please write to me! Also, please visit our Facebook group (link below) and invite all your friends to join! Group members get weekly reminders of the topics and end dates.


One comment

  1. I missed last week despite actually setting out to write something specifically for the WAG. But the story sort of grew, and thus is still only partially finished. It may end up being a full sized short story rather than a flash. At any rate, I have one for this week. Thanks for the prompt, India. Always enjoy the WAG.


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