Snow Day

I guess the old saying is true, April snowshowers kill March flowers. Yes, welcome to Scotland. The country where any kind of weather can (and does) happen. We’ve got big fat goosefeather snow out there today, and I’m seriously tempted to take the day off (mostly because the cat was outside screaming in protest at 5am.) But because I’m a grown-up, and grown-ups don’t get days off for snow, after I finish this post and a cup of coffee, I’ll be back to working on the ending of Enemy of the Fae.

This book, as you might expect, has been occupying a great deal of my brain space lately, which is one of the reasons I’ve not been blogging quite as much and my tweets are no doubt seeming redundant. My life of late is wake up, muck about for an hour online, then write till I’m exhausted. (I’m sure some other stuff happens too, but those are the important things.) But the good news is that I’ve somehow managed to get inspired and am feeling energetic about that final few chapters. So it looks like I’m still on track with my (entirely self-imposed) schedule.

One thing I did take time for this month was to write an article for the Writer’s Guide to ePublishing called Cover Art: Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Since this is a follow-up to my earlier articles on hiring a cover artist, I thought it was worth announcing here.

Another interesting follow-up has been to my post on promospam last week. The replies, emails and comments on posts and twitter were largely positive, although I did also hear from a couple of unapologetic promospammers who insist that the only reason they make friends on with strangers facebook is to sell them books, so what would be the point of not making constant book announcements. (Erm, okay. I suppose the honesty is refreshing, but I wonder if they would have so many “friends” if the recipients of their invites knew they were sales targets, not people. Facebook shouldn’t be like being invited to a Tupperware/basket/spices/whatever-product “party”, where one buys, guiltily, the cheapest thing one can get away with, careful not to insult the “friend” who invited you before slinking away and silently crossing that person off the Christmas card list.)

Anyway, I will say that after unfollowing about 150 promospammers I’m enjoying Twitter immensely again! I’d tuned out of the feed, thinking most of it wouldn’t be anything I was interested in. Now the big question is, do I have the courage to do that on Facebook too, where friendships have to be mutual? I’ve already started removing people who post those “eye-candy” pictures I so dislike. Now I’m trying to imagine a Facebook without constant adverts… wouldn’t that be great?

So, this is just a hello post and a warning that I might be quiet while writing the end of Enemy of the Fae. If I seem distant lately, it’s because I am; I’m in the Otherworld quelling a rebellion, mourning a tragedy, and catching a killer.



  1. Sooo tickled to have you as our Guest on The WG2E, India!!!

    You’re welcome anytime!!!

    Enjoy those snowflakes…

  2. Sounds like you’ve been in a writing blitz. Good luck as you kick into this energetic blast going into the final chapters and good luck as you skim your Facebook page to those you truly want. Personally, I say it’s your page. Do what you want to do :-)

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