I’ve got a whole lot going on this year, including revamping the website, working on a new series (Legacy of Ancients), and doing a reading challenge that I hope you’ll join me in. I have a few of the books picked out already, and I’m determined to read at least 50 fantasy novels this year!

About the blog: I debated about adding one back to the website. I deleted my old blog in 2016 when I found that I just wasn’t keeping up with it the way I’d planned, and an abandoned blog is worse than having none at all, IMO.

But since then, I learned (from polling my newsletter subscribers) that a lot of you aren’t on social media regularly. Others who are often don’t want to receive email (trust me, I get that. I get a lot of email.) So this blog will have the latest updates from me including things I typically post on social media, tidbits from my newsletter, and odds and ends that won’t fit either place.

I have decided not to enable comments (unless I get a lot of people saying they really want that feature). But if you want to get in touch with me and chat about something you see here, please do! I love hearing from readers!