Gods of Talmor

Spirits of Light and Shadow

When the most powerful senator in Talmor’s second-largest city is cursed with dark magic, the other legislators secretly turn to his estranged son Korbin as a last, desperate chance to find a cure. With the assistance of a refugee schooled in the foreign magic of the One, Korbin seeks to help his father—and find redemption. But an ancient Spirit of Shadow sets the pair in her sights, corrupting their every hope into despair… and turning their quest for a cure into a fight for survival.

Born of Fire and Darkness

The Spirit of Shadow is on the move, gathering followers and gaining strength, and a Spirit of Light enters the world to stake her claim. The emperor summons Korbin and Octavia to the capitol as he tries to balance the spiritual needs of the people with the survival of the nation. Opposed at every turn by priests, politicians, fanatics, and even demi-gods, the pair must conquer their fears and unravel the past if they want to save themselves and everyone they care about from certain destruction.

Bringer of Hope and Ruin

The Council of Eight has fallen, and the city of Vol stands in ruins. Citizens must worship the reigning Spirit of Shadow or flee, lest they become food for her monstrous offspring. Only a small band of survivors dare to take shelter in an abandoned shrine, helping those who need it and giving them safe passage out of the city. But how long can they evade the notice of their enemies? They must face their own nightmares and root out the traitors among their trusted allies if they are to have any hope of saving the mortal realm from the horrors that would consume it.

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