Dragons of Kudare

The Dragons of Kudare is a trilogy co-written with acclaimed author K.C. May, who also wrote the Kinshield Saga and The Mindstream Chronicles as well as other fantastic standalone fantasy novels.

The tale begins with two brothers, one who strives to be good and the other who struggles with the rules. One is the parents’ favorite, the other a ne’er-do-well who won’t amount to much if he stays on his current path. But their love for their sister propels them to change in dramatic ways and to make terrible choices…and unthinkable sacrifices. This series follows them over the entirety of the Blessed Empire, through struggles, reunions, and even death.

With the help of their little sister Rane, their loving parents, and the dragons, they learn that what their temple taught them about good and evil, right and wrong, left out some of the most critical truths. And without these truths, no one can survive what’s coming.


Boxed Set coming 2019!


The Lies Dragons Tell

A mysterious illness strikes down a young woman pledged to the god of the Blessed Empire. Two brothers, as helpless as the healers who say there’s nothing more they can do, watch while their sister fades away.

Determined to save her, they approach a dragonborn alchemist who promises help but leads them along a path of hardship, darkness, sacrilege, and death. Impossible choices divide the brothers as their love and loyalty are tested. What price is too high to save someone you love?

The Secrets Dragons Keep

Outcast from the temple, brothers Caden and Deshic journey with their family to the Plains of Fire to seek absolution for their crimes. There they endure cruel punishments under the unrelenting eye of the woman who rules over every soul at the temple compound.

When the faithful’s true plans for their sister, Rane, come to light, she and Caden flee to dragon territory in search of help.  They must act before time runs out to save Deshic and their parents from unthinkable horrors.

The Vows Dragons Break

Reeling from the losses of the past year, the Quelstow family must find a future in the shadow of the Strangbrouden aerie. Caden, haunted and broken, and Rane, in a state of frightening and ever-changing evolution, struggle to discover their place in a fractured world.

But when an ancient enemy rises in the mountains to the west, Rane and Caden must set aside their pain and ambition to fight for their own survival—as well as that of humanity and dragonkind. A hidden truth and a shattered promise threaten all, forcing the siblings to make difficult decisions. One wrong move could bring a devastating war to the three races of the Blessed Empire, but in a world where every side has their own twisted agenda, which choice is right?

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