So for this week and next, I’m supposed to be on vacation, or taking it easy, at least, while my second set of beta readers have Daughters of Misfortune and are preparing to give feedback. So of course I scheduled all kinds of things for this fortnight like proofing a friend’s script, beta reading another friend’s novel, and editing a third book for my brother, a novice writer who is rapidly learning the ropes of storytelling.

As if that wasn’t enough to do, I also managed to get myself stuck in tech-support hell dealing with my internet provider, which led to me having to troubleshoot every smart device in the house (we have lots of smart plugs, lights, a video doorbell, and Alexa devices) that suddenly wasn’t working with our internet. Seven conversations with the cable company’s tech support, three trips to the their retail outlet, and one trip to Best Buy later, we finally have a new modem, a new router, and functioning light switches again! And now my “vacation” is almost half over!

Why can’t I go on a cruise like normal people? Maybe a trip to the lake? A small cabin in the woods (with no internet to worry about) sounds perfect right about now!