This past weekend was my 50th birthday, and my partner managed to get a couple of days off work (no mean feat at his current job) so we had a four-day weekend full of waffles, cake, and general nonsense. This was probably the most relaxed I’ve felt in some time, so I’m thrilled to have had the time off.

Daughters of Misfortune is still with beta readers. A few of them have returned it already and I’m thrilled at the responses so far. Looks like all those edits I did this summer were worthwhile! (That’s always a relief. Sometimes it’s difficult to judge if the fix fixes what it was meant to fix, which is why it’s always good to have outside confirmation.)

So I’m back at my desk today (figuratively. I’m actually in my sitting room because my dad offered to paint the bathroom adjacent to my usual work space) and am working on edits and beta reads for others still.

But I just had to share that the feedback has been fantastic so far, which makes me incredibly happy. This series is the most complex I’ve ever attempted, so I’m thrilled to see it getting positive response!