I always intend to update social media more than I do, but I tend to get so engrossed in whatever project is on my desk at the moment. So to update for pre-spring! (Because Spring is threatening to come, but it’s not quite here yet.)

It’s March and I’ve already been sick three times this year! That, I hate. But it is what it is. And with all that’s going on in the world, it’s a scary time to have even so much as a head-cold! But you’ll be pleased to hear I’m on the mend from my latest sore throat and fever (seems to be what everyone has these days!) with the help from Captain, who gave me lots of cuddles over this ridiculously difficult winter.

Not only that, but I’m in the process of wrapping up my ghost writing project. It’s with the author now, and I’ll probably make one more pass to error check before he sends it off for the final touches before publication. As I said in my last post, it’s a project that’s made me grow as a writer and it’s been a huge confidence boost as well. Working on our own as we writers do, it can start to feel like we’re talking to ourselves most of the time, so to work closely with someone else on a project that was important to him and to get to share in that passion and try to capture it as well as his voice, well, I feel very privileged to have taken part.

As to my own work, I’m picking that back up ASAP (now that the fever is gone! whew!) and I’ll be digging back into my Legacy of Ancients project. It’s difficult to bring news on a constant basis because I’ve been working slowly and methodically with this project, much more than with anything I’ve ever done before. But I do promise that the moment I have news, I will share it!